Karen offers the following holistic therapies to enhance wellbeing and health and relax your mind and body


A reflexology treatment for men and women of all ages for general health and wellbeing, and to ease stress, the biggest cause of dis-ease. Gentle but firm pressure is applied to specific reflex points along zones/meridiens on both feet that correlate with the various organs, muscles and ligaments in your body. It is not ticklish, so don't worry! Benefits your whole body, I also concentrate on any problem areas to relieve symptoms such as fibromyalgia, back pain, stress, insomnia, women's health conditions, IBS, anxiety, joint pain etc. Great for easing fluid retention and following surgery. Finished with a relaxing foot massage with organic balm/cream so that you float home!


Trained personally by Sally Kay at Cardiff Metropolitan University, I had the chance to give and receive RLD which has had promising research results in a research study run together with the NHS, for clients suffering with Lymphoedema. RLD is also showing promising results with auto-immune diseases, skin disorders such as psorasis, fibromyalgia and may help relieve pain and swelling  from oedema (fluid retention), discomfort following medical or cosmetic surgery and following cancer treatment. RLD may also help with the symptoms of pregnancy such as fluid retention and oedema. A detailed medical history and examination takes place. Then you can relax and enjoy your Reflexology. I use organic balms/cream to make you feel wonderful. 


Angelic reiki

Angelic Reiki is a new and pure healing system. It differs from traditional Usui Reiki in that the healer is simply a bridge to channel the pure Angelic energy. A beautiful, gentle, relaxing healing experience is the result. Angelic Reiki is a complementary therapy and an effective tool for physical, mental and emotional healing. Healing with the Angelic Vibration rebalances and restores our energy matrix. In doing so, it empowers the body to heal itself on all levels. Ideal for emotional healing and stress and post illness or surgery.

swedish massage

Deeply relaxing, swedish massage uses long, gliding strokes towards the direction of your heart to aid relaxation, improve circulation and aids the lymphatic system. It helps to relieve muscular tension and pain, particularly in the shoulder, neck and back areas. Natural oils are used that are kind and safe on your skin. Aromatherapy oils can be added subject to a full medical history to ensure safety.

Pregnancy massage

Suitable from 12 weeks of pregnancy, give yourself a treat and some time out to enjoy a deeply relaxing pregnancy massage.  Using long, gliding strokes towards the direction of your heart to aid relaxation, stimulate your circulation and aid your lymphatic system.  You will be safely positioned on a massage couch with cushions and warm towels to enable you to keep warm, comfortable and relaxed. Helps with skin elasticity and bonding with your unborn baby. Only natural oils are used.  Mandarin Essential Oil can be added, if requested to enable you to enjoy the relaxing, uplifting aroma, as this is safe in pregnancy.

Maternity reflexology

Using both my clinical and reflexology experience,  I provide reflexology throughout pregnancy from conception to birth and post-natally. Beneficial in alleviating common pregnancy symptoms of morning sickness, backache, Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD) and fluid retention in the ankles, reflexology promotes health and wellbeing and can aid your body in preparation for birth. Especially useful if you are overdue and wishing to try to avoid clinical induction (from 37 weeks onwards).  Finishing with a relaxing foot massage with an organic Balm/cream, this treatment benefits your health and wellbeing, allowing time for you to relax and bond with your unborn baby.


Please see your GP or Midwife to ensure there are no underlying medical concerns or if you feel unwell. I encourage you to bring your ante-natal notes with you so that I can provide a fully holistic treatment.

fertility reflexology

If you are planning to start a family or have been trying for over a year and are experiencing fertility issues of unknown clinical cause,  this reflexology treatment concentrates on the reflex points to aid fertility and boost general health and wellbeing. I take a full medical history. With my clinical background and experience, I have helped many couples over the years. There is increasing evidence and research that reflexology may aid fertility. Reflexology can also be used alongside assisted conception such as IVF. Often couples become stressed and frustrated, and reflexology helps with any accompanying stress and anxiety and encourages hormonal balance. Fertility reflexology is also available for your partner to boost fertility, health and wellbeing. It takes two! 

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